Public Sociology

Writing for the public is just as important as writing for our scholarly peers. Some recent examples of writing for the public include:

“Rich State, Poor State: The Case for Reforming Federal Grants (Niskanen Center Report, 12/4/19)

“The Real Source of Teachers’ Struggles” (National Review, 4/3/18)

“Rubio-Lee’s Defeat: A Slap in the Face to Families” (National Review, 12/13/17)

“Republicans Just Might Be Able To Pull Off the Hardest Part of Tax Reform” (Washington Post’s Made by History, 11/15/17)

“What Tax Reform Owes Families” (Institute for Family Studies, 10/17/17)

“Celebrating 20 Years of Family Tax Relief (The Hill, 9/8/17)

“Federalism in Blue and Red” (National Affairs, Summer 2017)

“Blue State Chauvinism” (CommonWealth, 6/10/17)

“Tax Reform for Working Class Families” (National Review, 6/8/17)

“Reducing Child Poverty” (New York Times, 4/13/16)

“A Pro-Family Child Tax Credit for the U.S.” (Institute for Family Studies, 11/18/15)

“Canada’s Successful Child Tax Benefit” (Institute for Family Studies, 11/17/15)